Anti-Press Violence in Brazil Continues

Anti-Press Violence in Brazil Continues –

Anti-press violence has spread in Brazil as another journalist was shot and killed this week.

Radio journalist, Ivanildo Viana’s body was found on the side of the highway that runs between Santa Rita and Joao Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba state. News reports state that unidentified assailants pursued Viana on motorcycles and shot him several times.

According to the officer in charge of the investigation, there are currently no leads, but that their team is working all lines of the investigation.

Although other parts of the country have seen an increase in anti-press violence within the last few years, Rafael Freire (president of the states journalists’ union) stated, “Journalists in Paraiba are rarely targeted for their work.”

With this in mind, it’s difficult to understand why these people would kill Viana.

According to officer Heber Rommel with the federal highway patrol, the specific road that the attack happened on is not a particularly dangerous which is why he believes the shooting was a hit; possibly by someone from work or someone Viana had a dispute with.

Those investigating the crime can only link the murder with his profession. This attack adds to the current list of 28 journalists murdered in Brazil since 1992. The most recent murder was that of another Brazilian blogger and journalist, Marcos de Barros Leopoldo Guerra, was shot and killed at his home back in Dec of 2014.

Guerra wrote blogs on local corruption and was critical of local authorities. According to Fox News Latino, the police investigated the possibility that the crime may have been committed in revenge for one of the articles Guerra wrote in his “Ubatuba Cobra” blog.

Guerra’s case differing in Viana’s in that Viana hosted a daily show called “100% You,” in which he spoke to callers, played music, and offered opinions on the stories of the day.

One of Viana’s colleagues, Jose Antonio Borges, called Viana “very popular and much loved”.

Although Viana’s case is ongoing, those such as the Committee to Protect Journalists hope that Brazilian authorities can work quickly and bring the killers to justice.


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