Querium – Changing the Game in Digital Education

Querium – Changing the Game in Digital Education

Austin startup company provides mobile tutoring program for students in STEM subjects

A local startup company, Querium, is changing the game when it comes to mobile digital education.

Based out of Austin Texas, the Querium team has been working since January 2013 to help students master STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills to prepare them for college and beyond.

Querium is a smartphone program that helps students work through challenging STEM problems. The first step in the process is a short series of tests that helps the program determine the student’s proficiency in the subject. Querium then creates a program that takes users step by step through math and science questions specifically tailored to the students needs.

The program was designed to target U.S. middle school, high school and college students in attempt to solve a problem of college readiness that is prevalent in today’s education system.

In an interview with Business Wire, Dr. Jamo Rubin, a member of Querium’s Board of Directors, spoke on the problem, stating that 70 percent of incoming community college student are deemed not college ready, leading to 40 percent of them dropping out in the first year.

He continues, “Querium’s impressive management team with its sophisticated technology and clear understanding of today’s student is focused squarely on solving this problem.”

According to Querium, the team has created a system different than everything in the market. It features stepwise virtual tutor technology through the creation of artificial intelligence software that mimics the guidance and encouragement of a live tutor. The students get immediate feedback on each step of the problem they’re solving, including errors made and hint’s for their next step in finding the solution.

So what’s taking their product to the next level?

President and CEO of the company, Kent A. Fuka believes it’s the fact “that Querium is solving a problem many education publishers continue to struggle with: developing education products for mobile devices”.

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center report on teens and technology, nearly three-quarters of teens (13-17 years old) have or have access to a smartphone. This is why Querium’s mobile device software is so important in the education system.

Fuka explains that students are using their mobile devices for every facet of their lives and Querium’s mission is to bridge the gap by reaching students where they are and to provide them with an adaptive learning experience.

The company has seen success. Querium won the 2015 BookExpo America Startup Challenge, a competition for early stage startup companies held in New York. With the added publicity from their win, Querium is also attracting interest from publishers in the digital education sector.

With the Startup Challenge win and a venture capital round expected to raise $3 million by 2016, Fuka hopes new publishers, testing companies, and courseware providers will take notice of the startup and purchase its technology.


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